Physical inactivity and mental illness are fast becoming Australia’s leading causes of long-term disability and morbidity. The Cognercise Foundation has been established to provide and support mind and body health education and integration training as a practical means of empowering our community and stemming this alarming trend.

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Our Objectives

The Foundation is based on the Cognercise Framework and its four integrated domains of Health Literacy; 

1. Nutritional Health, 
2. Physical Health, 
3. Mental Health
4. Social Health.

The Foundation is a key funder of pertinent academic research and of those institutions that embrace Cognercise and its integrative framework.

Our Programs

Through generous community sponsorship The Cognercise Foundation funds a growing online library of educational training programs for children. All content is chosen on it’s demonstrated ability to provide children with the practical tools and resources needed for them to achieve functional confidence, optimal health, and sustainable wellbeing.


Our gifting programs are designed to suit all benefactors according to their means. Our objective is fund research, content development, and to give all primary-aged children sponsored access to the Cognercise platform. Every amount raised, large or small, contributes directly to a child’s practical Mind and Body, Health and Wellbeing education, empowering them to reach their potential and enjoy the best life possible.


The Cognercise Foundation is a practical charity focused on the promotion of health and the reduction of preventable disease.


The Foundation has so far provided sponsored access to health and wellbeing related programs to over 30,000 primary school children.

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Become part of the health ripple effect. All sponsorship and donations are fully tax-deductible in Australia. See how you can make a difference.

The Importance of Cognercise

(v) verb

1. applied Learning – the practical application of knowledge.
“Cognercise regularly and turn that theory into a skill”

2. the practical embodiment of Health Literacy education and training

3. activity that enhances the integral connection between mind and body to
strengthen whole-person wellbeing

Underpinning the Cognercise Foundation’s philosophy is an appreciation of the vital interplay between mind and body in the achievement and maintenance of wellbeing.

The Foundation believes that a state of sustained wellbeing is required for individuals to realise their true performance potential and that this can only be achieved when an individual’s primary physical, mental and social needs are met.

The Cognercise Foundation is a not-for-profit DGR-1 charity, which means all donations are fully tax deductible. We provide access to evidence-based content and support to bolster community health outcomes and sustainable wellbeing. Initially, the Foundation is focused on empowering and supporting children, by gathering the best health and wellbeing content available and providing it free to schools under sponsorship. All Cognercise content is selected based on its direct health benefits and ability to help minimise preventable illness, suffering and cost. By collaborating with industry leaders in this way, the Cognercise Foundation has shown it can help bridge the void between theory and function for the greater good of the community.

“The Cognercise Primary Health and Wellbeing Program is really clever and so easy to implement. The kids ‘love’ doing the program.”

– D. Gail (Teacher)

“Students aren’t threatened by the exercises and it’s wonderful to watch them have fun and improve so quickly.”

– S.Yong (Teacher)

“Students support each other and there’s no pressure to compete against each other which is so refreshing.”

– T Evans (Teacher)

“The Cognercise programs have clearly helped our students with ADHD, they have progressed very well, doing the exercises by themselves, becoming more independent and cooperative.”

– J Charles (Teacher)

“The children are a lot more focused after Cognercise, which has helped their learning and my teaching!”

– E Brady (Teacher / AP)

“They genuinely want to improve and become better at Cognercise. Their personal motivation levels have skyrocketed.”

– T Arnold (Teacher)

“I have one little girl who has Anxiety, she has learnt through the Cognercise programs how to breathe deeply relax and focus, she now does this in class and at home when she feels her Anxiety building and this has helped her a great deal.”

– D. Hunt (Teacher)

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The Cognercise Foundation represents a unique opportunity for direct social impact investment by individual donors, sponsors or groups.

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