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The Cognercise Foundation has been established to source, distribute and support important health and wellbeing promoting content that adheres to the principles of Cognercise and that has been proven to improve quality of life and reduce the potential of illness and suffering in the community.

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Our Strategy

Our work is particularly inspired by UNESCO’s Kazan Action Plan Plan arising from the MINEPS VI Conference held in Kazan in July 2017. The Foundation supports the overarching policy consensus of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda / Sustainable Development Goals recognized in that Plan.










Economic Burden

Billions of dollars are devoted annually to acute and chronic medical study and treatments, but there is little coordinated effort to alleviate the need for such effort and expense by teaching people how to be functionally healthy. 

The global rise in preventable disease caused by ‘lifestyle’ issues such as inactivity, poor eating habits and stress have reached epidemic proportions causing more long-term disability and death than all other causes combined. “Unless serious action is taken, the burden of lifestyle disease will reach levels that are beyond the capacity of all stakeholders to manage” – WHO (2017).

“The Cognercise Primary Health and Wellbeing Program is really clever and so easy to implement. The kids ‘love’ doing the program.”

– D. Gail (Teacher)

“Students aren’t threatened by the exercises and it’s wonderful to watch them have fun and improve so quickly.”

– S.Yong (Teacher)

“Students support each other and there’s no pressure to compete against each other which is so refreshing.”

– T Evans (Teacher)

“The Cognercise programs have clearly helped our students with ADHD, they have progressed very well, doing the exercises by themselves, becoming more independent and cooperative.”

– J Charles (Teacher)

“The children are a lot more focused after Cognercise, which has helped their learning and my teaching!”

– E Brady (Teacher / AP)

“They genuinely want to improve and become better at Cognercise. Their personal motivation levels have skyrocketed.”

– T Arnold (Teacher)

“I have one little girl who has Anxiety, she has learnt through the Cognercise programs how to breathe deeply relax and focus, she now does this in class and at home when she feels her Anxiety building and this has helped her a great deal.”

– D. Hunt (Teacher)

Values – Ethics and Independence

The cornerstone of the Foundation will be the integrity of the information resented in-line with the pledge of the True Health Initiative.

We see the Foundation being a primary community resource for individuals to get trustworthy advice of a practical nature informed by the best knowledge sources available. Our focus will be on lifestyle practices that enhance Personal Health Literacy, providing all people with the practical means to achieve and maintain independent, healthy and productive lives.

We will focus on prevention first then cure and we will aim to practically reduce the need for medical intervention or pharmaceutical dependence.

The Foundation recognises that, like climate change, most informed people know what the health problems are and basically what is needed for change, but they consider that the problems belong to somebody else and, or, they can’t do anything about it.

The Foundation also believes that, although tailored and practical education can dramatically improve health outcomes, particularly in disadvantaged communities, the messages are often not being delivered effectively. This provision of honest and reliable information to educate the community will be a primary goal.

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